To create a better environment for better life, CTM has the commitment to manage waste in the right, safe, effective and efficient ways. With various equipment and process standardisation for collection, transport and disposal of waste, we ensure that different type of waste is processed accordingly using the best practice and care to minimise the risk of contamination of health hazard substances to our environment.

Our Waste Management & Recycling Services Includes:

  • Commercial waste management
  • Industrial waste management
  • Healthcare waste management
  • Sewage tank plumbing and jetting
  • Recycling management
  • Solution-based equipment rental and management

CTM has utilised numerous fleet and equipment that allow us to do the process of collection, transport and disposal of waste in the most effective and timely manner as per our clientele requirements and needs, as well as maintaining professional waste management & recycling facilities, to help reduce the burden of waste to the environment

Some of our key equipment are:

  • Portable Compactor
  • Skip Tank
  • Bulk Bin
  • Single Haul system
  • Rear End Loader system
  • Mobile Garbage bin